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Nirvana Villa | Taling Ngam

7 bedrooms | 1500 sqm  -  $950-$1400 per night

Nirvana Villa 1500sqm

Villa reference : SAMUI-98

Welcome to this corner of paradise. Welcome home. Villa Nirvana is a private and exclusive residence of 1500 m2. Close your eyes and imagine it nestled in the heart of a tropical garden, 200 meters above sea level, spread over three levels. It is ideally located on the island of Koh Samui, in the area of Taling Gnam known as the “Beverly Hills of Thailand.” Open your eyes now: your view of the Marine National Park is breathtaking!

Terrace & pool

The swimming pool and large jacuzzi made of natural stone are on multiple levels. Large terraces surround the water rooms. They invite you to relax and sunbathe on sun loungers. Unless you prefer to enjoy a cocktail at the Wet bar. Need to get into the shade ? A large outdoor area enables you to take refuge in the shade and extend the evening. The settingis idyllic. The view of the national marine park is breathtaking. The exotic flowers everywhere intoxicate you with their fragrances.

The 7 suites

Nirvana Villa is ideally situated in the Taling Gnam region in Koh Samui island (Thailand), a corner of paradise in the heart of a tropical garden. This private residence of 1500 m2 is structured on three levels and is made up of seven luxurious suites overlooking the Chinese sea. They are all unique and are decorated with the best material and can accomodate up to fourteen guests. Each one is of a 5 star standard.

Spa & Sports

Nirvana Spa faces the jungle and the sea, and as it is nice to get a massage on the daybed in the main terrace. We work with a renowned SPA Lamai for a professional service and total relaxation that will transport you. A small gym with bikes, fridge bodybuilding, weight table abs and various machines are also available.

Team & Services

You and your friends will be pampered and looked after by a group of six staff. Their mission is to make your dreams come true. It is an all-inclusive deal. Everything is included in your package. Meals prepared by our Thai chef (Thai & Western cuisine), drinks (cocktails, spirits, beer, mineral water/soda, fresh juices, shakers …), mini bar in room, room service, concierge …


Many attractions and activities are just minutes away from anywhere on the island .
Golf, diving, kayaking, catamaran, sailing, wild waterfalls, visit the marine park, fishing, zoo, aquarium with a possibility to swim with sea lions, visit Buddhist temples, beautiful and deserted beaches, quad rental, visit the island on a Harley Davidson, snake farm, local markets, nightlife, shopping…

This villa is for rent on an All Inclusive base (included: airport transferts, food, drinks, full services).

Price is All inclusive for a maximum 8 peoples. Extra people are charged 100$ / night.

Free for kids until 12 years old.

Nirvana villa have 7 suites and 1500 SqM of living areas. (perfect for maximum 14 peoples)

This villa is also for sale on Samui Marvel Properties

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